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Speculation Mounts Of Escalation of Conflict in Mon State


Residents are predicting that after the 2024 matriculation exam, currently underway, there are signs indicating that the war will escalate in Mon State.

Recently, the New Mon State Party (Anti-military Dictatorship) NMSP-AD, which has already deployed troops in some townships in Mon State, is worried about small battles with the military junta.

A resident active in a civil society organization based in Mudon remarked, “Observing the current military campaign of the New Mon State Party (AD), one can discern its evident strength. They are meticulously preparing for battle, with troops strategically deployed across multiple locations. Hence, following the matriculation exam, we anticipate a potential escalation of conflict in Mon State.”

The matriculation examination for the 2023-24 academic year is being held from March 11 to 19.

The local people of Mon State are worried about potential escalation of the military situation. Some are stockpiling food in advance.

A businessman from Kamarwet township said, “Previously, only KNU and PDF were involved in this revolution. With the New Mon State Party (AD) joining, major conflicts are inevitable. Some people are anxious about this development and are stocking up on rice and food. They anticipate a significant war erupting in the Mon region soon.”

An official from the Mon State Federal Council also mentioned that with the increasing number of revolutionary forces currently stationed in Mon State, and their growing military experience, the military situation will escalate further this year.

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