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Dawei Military Junta Mawhta Camp Captured by Revolutionary Joint Forces


The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and joint forces launched an assault on the military junta camp located in Mawhta Village, Myeik District, near the border between Thailand and Myanmar. As a result of this coordinated operation, the military junta troops were forced to flee their camp.

On the morning of April 23rd, the joint forces, led by the KNLA Brigade (4th), initiated an attack on Mawhta Camp. By the morning of April 24th, they had successfully captured the entire camp.

A Dawei Public Defense Force official explained, “We had been isolated from that camp for an extended period. Since the military coup, reinforcements had been sent to bolster the camp’s defenses, but we consistently engaged them during their movements. Consequently, the camp did not put up significant resistance, and the junta forces ultimately abandoned it. Given its strategic location near the border, communication lines remain challenging, and the precise situation is yet to be fully ascertained.”

During the intense battle, the military junta utilized air support and mortar shells.

Notably, on April 14th, there was a brief lull at Mawhta camp. Seizing the opportunity, the KNLA and the joint forces targeted a column of military junta troops en route to reinforce the Hteehta strategic camp.

Mawhta Camp serves as a crucial staging post for military junta convoys in the Dawei East Forest region. With over 40 forces deployed, it stands as a frontline camp.

In addition to Mawhta camp, the KNLA and joint forces had previously occupied Kyauktu camp in the eastern part of Dawei in January.

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