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MSRF Forces Arrest Militia Group, Confiscate Weapons


The Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF) and their allies successfully apprehended a militia group seizing their weapons and ammunition in Kyonnye village, located within Khawzar sub-township, Ye township, Mon State.

MSRF announced that the militia group had been recruiting soldiers for military service, prompting public complaints. On April 23rd, MSRF forces conducted an investigation resulting in the arrest and disarmament of five individuals, including the militia leader.

Three militia members were questioned and subsequently released around 3 pm on April 23rd, the militia leader and deputy leader remained in custody.

In the early hours of April 24rth, during the arrest of the militia leader and deputy leader, a confrontation ensued leading to gunfire initiated by the apprehended individuals. In response, the revolutionary forces were compelled to neutralize the threat.

Regrettably, one member of the revolutionary forces sustained injuries during the altercation with the militia leader and deputy leader.

The Revolutionary Alliance Joint Force comprises the Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF), People’s Defense Army Dona Column, Ye falcon (Dona Column Security Division), Kanbauk Regional People’s Defense Team (KBDF) – Dona Division (4), and Dawei Defense Team (DDT) – Dona Division (7).

MSRF has declared that any armed forces, individuals, or organizations collaborating with the military junta will be designated as adversaries and dealt with accordingly.

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