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Airstrikes in Kawtswei Village Kill Woman


Local news sources report that one woman is dead, and two others sustained injuries as a result of airstrikes conducted by the military junta in Kyaikmarraw township, Mon State, on April 24rth.

That afternoon, a woman tragically lost her life in Kawtswei village, a man from Kawnut village, and another woman from Kawtmi village were also injured due to half an hour of aerial shelling.

As of 5:30pm numerous other villages, including Kawtswei, Kawtthat, Kyunkone, Kawtbein, and Kawtpauk were being  bombarded from both sea and air attacks.

Since March 26th, when the military junta seized control of the Kawtbein police station, over 100 troops have been stationed in Kawtthat and Taranar village monasteries and high-rise residences. They have frequently conducted raids in Kawtswei and Kawtnut.

The military junta has unlawfully entered the homes of villagers, pilfered valuables, and then sold them in markets.

On the morning of April 25th, the military junta further escalated its violence by entering Kawtbein village, Kyaikmarraw township, and subjecting residents to torture and gunfire, reported the villagers.

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