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NCA (7) Announces Political Crisis Resolution Through Alliance


On March 18, the seven ethnic armed groups signatory to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) declared their commitment to persist until the establishment of a federal democratic union through an alliance, as a means to tackle the current political crisis.

A plenary meeting of these ethnic armed organizations, signatories to the NCA, was convened in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on March 17-18, 2024. This gathering led to the creation of the 7 Ethnic Armed Organizations Alliance (7 EAO Alliance).

The former 7 Ethnic Armed Organizations Alliance has been rebranded as the 7 EAO Alliance. RCSS President General Yawd Serk assumes the role of team leader, with NMSP Vice President Nai Aung Min as vice-leader. The leadership further comprises RCSS Colonel Sai Ngin as general secretary and KNU/KNLA-PC Colonel Saw Kyaw Nyunt as associate secretary, making a total of eight members in the alliance.

According to the announcement, the leadership and secretary teams established during the Chiang Mai Plenary Meeting are entrusted with implementing the political plans and work processes outlined therein.

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