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Interview with National Unity Government’s Vice-Minister, Min Zayar Oo


Interview with National Unity Government’s Vice-Minister, Min Zayar Oo

Mon News Agency was recently able to speak to Min Zayar Oo, Vice-Minister of the National Unity Government (NUG).  Below is an English summary of the interview.  

Question: First of all, how did you get involved in NUG as an ethnic person? 

Answer: It was the Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MSICC) via Mon democratic forces that paved this new political path. Through this group,  I got involved with the NUG. Nai Kao Rot, Vice-Minister of Defense was also appointed in the same way. 

After being selected [by MSICC], our names were sent to the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH). It is not necessary to unveil the names of persons or organizations involved in the MSICC yet. We cannot reveal names, with the current political situation. But we are the representatives that were selected by the MSICC. It also includes another Minister. 

Question: What kinds of projects is the Finance and Investment Ministry laying down and implementing currently? 

Answer: I have undertaken the responsibility at the Ministry of Financial Planning and Investment. First, we are working on blocking the budget flow to the State Administration Council (SAC), and we are working on the  NUG budget. These are the two major things that we are working on. 

Regarding other project activities, I cannot go into details yet. Please, understand the circumstances. 

Question: Could you tell me anything related to the allocated budget? 

Answer: Surely. Every [current] Ministry will have an allocated budget. After respective Ministries have drafted budget plans, they will have to send the plans to our Ministry. 

We have also planned a committee budget. We are doing that at the moment. But we will also continue to do our project activities. After receiving the plans from respective Ministries – whether we have enough budget or not — we will lay down our plans and move to implement them. We have identified the period of project plan submissions – for some Ministries – that will be till the end of this year. We have requested they submit their plans within that period.

Question: What are the other plans?

Answer: Our department [ministry] has drawn a budget plan for the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). It is not only for the CDM but for the refugees too. 

Question: Anything that else you can say at this time, please do so. 

Answer: The NUG has been working to get rid of the military dictatorship and we have collaborated with Generation X,Y,Z. We are working for the best outcomes in all sectors as best we can. I want to say that I respect the efforts of all those whom we are working with. 

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