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Military Junta Navy Fires Mortar Shells Once Again at Dhammassa Village


Local residents reported that on March 28, the navy of the military junta launched another round of mortar shell attacks in Dhammassa village, situated along the Gyaing River in Kyaikmarraw township, Mon state.

According to a resident, the relentless firing of mortar shells by the military junta troops resulted in one local woman sustaining injuries to her hand, and one house being engulfed in flames.

“On March 28, approximately 3 or 4 mortar shells were fired into the village by the military junta navy, some landing dangerously close to residential areas. Around 10 am, one mortar shell struck near my location as I sought shelter from the ongoing conflict. Later in the evening, a fire broke out in another house on 3rd Street,” the resident recounted.

The injured woman was promptly transported to the hospital by the emergency rescue team.

The preceding evening, on March 27, approximately 300 houses in Dhammassa village were ravaged by fire due to an explosion caused by a mortar shell fired by the military junta navy.

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