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Constant Police Fire Forces Ahnin Village Residents to Flee


There has been a constant battering of mortar shells and small arms fire targeting Ahnin village, reports local residents.  The source of the attack is coming from the local police station and has caused villagers to flee their community. 

On March 18th, around 11:00 p.m. after hearing that Karen armed forces had entered the village, junta aligned forces stationed at the police station began  firing mortar shells and small arms into the village.

“Mortar shells and small arms are continuously being fired into the village from the police station. When we heard the news that the revolutionary forces were approaching, everyone in the village fled. A house was hit. The Karen army hasn’t started firing yet, and there haven’t been any clashes between them,” said a local woman.

There are reports that the Joint Revolutionary Forces attacked the Ahnin Village police station with a drone, but the Independent Mon News Agency has not yet confirmed this.

The Karen Revolutionary Joint Forces are currently stationed in Weawu village near Ahnin village and other nearby Karen villages. Local residents are worried that there will be a firefight with the military junta.

A woman from Ahnin village said, “We had to flee to nearby areas. Some had to escape to the sea, farms, and mountains. Karen armed forces have been on the streets of Weawu and Hnitkayin on the Karen side of the village for more than a month.”

As of 3:00 p.m. on March 18th, there had been no shooting from either side, and the gunfire from the police station had subsided.

On January 31st of last year, when the Revolutionary Joint Forces attacked Ahnin Village and the Htinshu Village police station, a fight broke out between the two sides.

During the battle, the military junta bombarded the area with aircraft and fired mortar shells, forcing the entire village to flee.

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