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Revolutionary Groups Control 60% of Kawkareik Township


The Southern Military Region of the People’s Defense Army announced that it has control over 60 percent of the area in Karen State, including Hpa-An – Myawaddy (Asia Road), and Kawkareik Township.

Since December 1st, 2023, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), People’s Defense Forces (PDF), and Special Operations Forces (SOF), along with joint Drones Forces, have been attacking military junta camps and gate stations along Myawaddy Road (Asia Road) and in Kawkareik township.

From December 1st to February 2nd, the military junta’s outposts in the southern part of Kawkareik township were attacked and captured.

Additionally, it is reported that 60 percent of the area along Hpa-An – Myawaddy (Asia Road) and areas in Kawkareik township are now under their control.

During the battle of Kawkareik, 14 individuals surrendered, while 30 were reported dead and many others wounded. Additionally, the Revolutionary Joint Forces confiscated 46 enemy weapons.

The Southern Military Region of the People’s Defense Army announced that seven soldiers from the Revolutionary Joint Forces were killed, and three local residents were also killed due to the military junta’s airstrike.

The military junta fired mortar shells and drones daily, resulting in the burning of houses and theft of people’s belongings.

Thousands of local residents have fled due to the Kawkareik battle, and it has been announced that the KNU Township Administration and MOD’s Public Security Department are providing assistance and protection to them.

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