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MSFC Initiates Assistance for Individuals Seeking Refuge Amid Political Turmoil


The Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) has commenced the acceptance of youths and locals seeking shelter from the current political situation.

According to Mi Shaw Tajo, an official of the Federal Council of Mon State, those currently linked with MSFC are provided with essential support, including access to education, career opportunities, and revolutionary resources, following the verification of their personal information.

“You need to come to the designated place with your own contact details. Subsequently, I will collect their personal information and retain it for a week. Afterward, we will connect them with resources such as education, health, and career opportunities in the liberated areas they wish to relocate to,” she explained.

However, MSFC clarified that they will not be responsible for those seeking refuge in Thailand.

Mi Shaw Tajo emphasized that MSFC is now actively implementing measures following the enactment of the military service law, responding to parents’ requests for the safety of young people.

“We ourselves are not perfect. We cannot ignore youth parents’ requests. Moreover, since youths represent our future, I believe we should assist them at this time,” she added.

Consequently, MSFC encourages the youth to break free from the shackles of the military dictatorship and make informed decisions.

On February 24th, it was announced that the public can contact the Mon State Federal Council if they wish to seek liberation from the conscription law imposed by the military junta or due to the prevailing military situation.

The Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) stands as a revolutionary organization representing the Mon people and Mon State. It is one of the factions that vehemently opposed the military coup and continues to do so.

Currently, MSFC is extending support to schools in conflict-affected regions, as well as assisting women and children displaced by war, and individuals injured by mortar shells.

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