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3,700 meth pills seized near Mudon Tsp’s Kamarwet Town


According to reports from the Kamarwet area police station, roughly 3,700 meth pills were seized from 3 young boys from Bay Lamaing village, on Monday.

The arrest and drug seizure took place on Zee Pin road, Sein Taung ward, Ka Mar Wet town, Mudon Township

The Chief of Police, Kyaw Myint Nine, with the Kamarwet area police station said, “After receiving some relevant information in collaboration with the Narcotics Force, we waited and made the arrests. There were about 3,700 illegal pills seized from 3 young boys. We got them at their hostel near the PM petrol station. The case is being prosecuted under the law.” 

According to police records, Aung Ko Thet, 22, Kyaw Yee, 22, and Pho Chit, 19, were arrested.  All three  are from Bay Lamaing, in Northern Ye Township.  They have been charged under section 19(K)/21 of the Criminal Procedure Code MY(P) 3/2021.

U Min Kyaw Win, a retired school teacher from the Basic Education High School, in  Ka Mar Wet, said, “the future of young people is gone due to the use of these drugs. They become addicted and their nationality can even disappear. We do need to make more arrests -but the big dealers too should be arrested. We also have to provide some [drug awareness] training after the schools are reopened.  Our writers group plans to do this too.”

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