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From the ‘Panglong’ to ‘21st Century Panglong’


The Panglong Agreement was signed on February 12, in 1947 by Kachin, Chin and Shan leaders partnering with the General Aung San-led Burmese [Barmar] government, in Panglong Town, southern Shan State.

copy of Panglong Agreement Text (Photo: wikipedia)
copy of Panglong Agreement Text (Photo: wikipedia)

The Panglong Agreement gained the country independence from British colonisation on January 4, 1948 and subsequently gave birth to the Union of Burma.

After gaining independence and forming the Union of Burma, the Barmar government has ruled over generations. However, they have neglected the Panglong Agreement and haven’t implemented it as promised in the Panglong agreement. Ultimately, the ethnic armed groups revolved against them and the civil war that broke out continues to take place.

The six decade plus civil war not only caused political instability, but also destruction to the country’s economy, education, health and other sectors. Hence, this country, with rich natural resources. has become one of the poorest countries in the world.

Although the government has devastated the resistance armed groups, it has not succeeded entirely. In turn, these groups have also unsuccessfully attacked government.

If we look closely, we are repeatedly remembering “Panglong” and talking about “Panglong”. But, now it has been in this 21st Century.

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