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Formation of a National Unity Government still faces obstacles


The 2020 election will see the Mon State Hluttaw include 17 members from the National League for Democracy (NLD), 6 members of the Mon Unity Party (MUP) and 8 non-elected military Tatmadaw representatives. 

The January 22nd inauguration ceremony for the third parliamentary term came under criticism when 5 ministers, including the incumbent Prime Minister, and State Chair, along with a majority of the NLD parliamentarians failed to attend.

In addition, some NLD members have posted on their social media platforms their disagreement with the NLD Central Committee’s call for a national unity government.

In this divisive environment,  it is likely the three parliamentary groups – MUP, NLD and the Tatmadaw will stand separately.  

Controversy has followed the  NLD’s efforts to meet with ethnic parties following the election. Most of the  planned meetings could not even agree on a venue, much less begin earnest discussions on what a national unity government might look like.

Ethnic leaders have been vocal of their criticism of the NLD for the perceived treatment of their parties as subordinates rather than equals. 

Meanwhile the  military has begun to claim this was not a free and fair election, citing unproven allegations of election fraud. 

A political crisis is brewing.

A bumpy road lies ahead, with growing tensions between the NLD and  ethnic political parties, and an agitated military. 

2021 is not offering hopeful signs that a national unity government is in Myanmar’s political future. 

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