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Mon State sees 500,000 plus voter increase for 2015 polling


Reported by Aik Sai, In Mon State, there are over 1.5 million people who are valid to vote in the 2015 election, held on November 8, with an increase of 500,000 voters since the 2010 election.

“We gathered the voter-list according to the regulations. And, just gathering like that, we now have this increase of voters. This includes the number of those who have moved and lived in the state within 180 days and have applied for Form (3-Ka). That list is the increase,” said U Hein Lin Htet, of Mon State Election Sub-commission.

According to announcements made between September 14-27, the number of eligible voters in the 2015 election is over 1,470,000. However, after re-gathering the voter lists, the number of voters increased, and now it has over 1,510,000 voters, according to Mon State Election Sub-commission. The number of voters during the 2010 election was over 1,016,000.

The population in Mon State is 2,050,281 according to the latest census data gathered in March, 2015. And, now, according to the Mon State Election Sub-commission, Mon State has over 1,510,000 voters to go to polls this 2015 election.

Meanwhile, there are 919 polling stations in Mon State with the potential for violence to break out at 92 stations. The Tatmadaw (government army) will help provide security at 67 stations, according to Mon State’s Police Force.

“We request the Tatmadaw to help guard for security reasons because we do not have enough police. With the help of the Tatmadaw, about 67 stations will be provided with security. And, sudden violence can break out at 92 stations, but only 67 stations can be provided with security,” according to Mon State’s Police Force.

Those 92 polling stations, where violence can take place, are 5 stations in Thaton Township, 21 stations in Kyaikmaraw Township, 50 stations in Ye Township, 4 stations in Thanbyuzayat Township, 7 stations in Belin Township and 5 stations in Kyaik Hto Township.

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