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MNP criticises UEC over logo misrepresentation on ballot papers


The Mon National Party (MNP) logo
The Mon National Party (MNP) logo
Reported by Aik Sai, Mon National Party (MNP) plans to send an objection letter to the Union Election Commission (UEC) for the mistaken colours of its party’s logo, which originally includes the white star and yellow Sheldrake, on the ballots.

The proposal to send the letter was made at an MNP press conference on November 1, at the party’s headquarter in Moulmein, the capital of Mon State.

“We already planned to send an objection letter. But we have not sent the letter yet. This is because this mistake does not just happen exclusively to our party but to other parties too. We will wait for the other parties’ reactions. Then, we will decide whether we should send the letter or not,” said Nai Layih Tamarh, general secretary of MNP.

The official logo of the MNP is a white coloured star and a yellow Sheldrake. On the ballots issued by the UEC the logo colours are the opposite; a yellow coloured star and a white Sheldrake.

Concerned with the mistaken colours, Mon State’s election sub-commission stated that the ballots the UEC issued are in yellow colour. Every party’s logo coloured white will be yellow, and this didn’t just happened to one party’s logo.

In Mon State, in addition to independent candidates, there are about 11 political parties competing for the elections. These parties include MNP, All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP), Women’s Party (Mon), Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), National League for Democracy (NLD), National Development Party, National Unity Party (NUP), Phalon-Sawaw Democratic Party, Kayin People’s Party(KPP), and National Democratic Force.

According to the announcement made by Mon State’s election sub-commission’s on September 14-17, the number of eligible voters in Mon State is over 1,470,000.

Also, according to respective election sub-commissions in the state, there are over 20,000 migrant workers on the voter list, who applied for Form (3-Ka), Mon State’s Ye, Kyaikmayaw, Moulmein, Chaungzone and Mudon townships.

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