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Over 20,000 people eligible voters in Mon State hold Form (3-Ka)


Reported by IMNA, There are more than 20,000 people in respective election constituencies across Mon State who applied for Form (3-Ka) and are eligible

to vote.

In Mon State, over 1510000 people are eligible to vote, and of them, more than 20,000 people are Form (3-Ka) applicants.

“Form (3-Ka) is not only for migrant workers working in Mon State but also those who have lived in the state for over 180 days, too,” said U Hein Lin Htet, of Mon State Election Sub-commission.

Of the 20,000 plus people who applied for Form (3-Ka), about approximately 10,000 are in Moulmein District, and about 10,000 are in Thaton District.

According to respective township election sub-commissions, in the 6 townships of Moulmein District, the number of valid voters with Form (3-Ka) is over 4000 in Moulmein Township, about 719 in Chaungzone Township, 1571 in Mudon Township, 2592 in Ye Township, and 2020 in Kyaikmayaw Township.

Some of the migrant workers in Ye Township do not have solid documents, so they have difficulty voting. They also lack voting education, according to candidates from respective political parties competing in Ye Township.

“Most of the places where we have been to, there are difficulties for migrant workers to vote. It is only possible for them to vote if local election sub-commission and administrators cooperate with them,” said U Myo Win, National League for Democracy (NLD)’s Amyotha Hluttaw candidate for Ye Township Constituency No. 8.

In Mon state, there are ten thousands of migrant workers from Pago and Irrawaddy divisions. Within Ye Township alone, there are more than 20,000 migrant workers in areas such as fisheries, rubber plantations, orchards work and other daily-wage work.

The voter-list for Form (3-Ka) applicants will be announced at respective ward/village sub-commission offices one week ahead of the elections. Starting on 5th November, the applicants will receive the documents that prove they are eligible voters.

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