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Dhammatha Village Evacuees Urged to Return Home for Rehabilitation


Refugees and monks report that U Aung Kyi Thein, the Prime Minister of Mon State, along with his team, has appealed to displaced residents to return to Dhammatha village in Kyaikmaraw township, Mon State, to commence rehabilitation efforts.

On May 1st, at the 2,500 Sashana Monastery in Mawlamyine, residents, monks, and rescuers from Dhammatha village, who had fled the conflict, were encouraged to return home to initiate donation and relief endeavors.

“The military junta has urged both villagers and monks to return to the village. Upon their return, they are expected to engage in rehabilitation and contribute to relief efforts. Assurances have been made regarding security upon their return,” stated a monk.

He further mentioned that construction materials are currently being gathered for the restoration work, and the Mon State Chief Minister’s team, under the military junta, has pledged to provide assistance from construction engineers and electricity experts.

However, a refugee from Kyaikmaraw expressed reluctance to return home, citing concerns over the scrutiny of returnees’ names, registrations, and proofs of identity, as well as the presence of military equipment stored in the village monastery.

“It is disheartening to witness the devastation of our village and the ransacking of our homes. The military junta maintains a strong presence in the area. Many are hesitant to return due to uncertainty regarding safety. Villagers have salvaged what belongings they could. We must carefully evaluate the conditions for resettlement,” he remarked.

According to local residents, over 300 houses were razed in the past month in Dhammatha village and neighboring Taranar village, the epicenter of the conflict, with the remaining homes looted until nothing of value was left.

The township management group, operating under the military junta, announced on April 28th that the situation in villages surrounding Dhammatha village has stabilized and peace has been restored.

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