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Military Junta Troops Active in Villages of Mudon Township


In Mudon Township, Mon State, rubber plantation workers and local residents are concerned about the presence of military junta troops moving through villages near the Abit artillery station.

The New Mon State Party -Anti-Dictatorship group is active in some villages in the township and villagers are reporting increased movement of military junta forces day and night.

“Almost every day, we see military junta troops stationed at village entrances during the day. At night, they move around the area. Villagers are anxious because of their proximity to the Abit artillery. It’s become unsafe for farm workers to travel to their fields,” said a local resident.

Military junta forces patrolling village streets claim that civilians can move about without security concerns, but due to daily mortar shell firings by the Abus artillery, locals are hesitant to travel.

On March 14rth, the (NMSP-AD) intercepted and attacked a car carrying a station commander from the Kamarwet Township Police Station. The junta responded by threatening to burn down entire villages in Mon State if any conflict arose.

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