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Airstrike on Hospital in Kyauktaw Township Causes Fatalities and Injuries


In Rakhine State, Kyauktaw Township, a hospital in Weagyi Htaunt was bombed by the military junta in an early morning airstrike on May 15th.  According to a statement from the Arakan Army (AA), the airstrike resulted in several fatalities and injuries to at least 20 people.  

The airstrike occurred around 1 a.m., causing near-total destruction of the hospital. The victims include hospital staff, patients, and civilian caretakers.

Among the injured, five are reported to be in critical condition.

Photographs released by the AA show that children and predominantly women were among those injured.

The AA alleges that the military junta, facing setbacks in the ongoing conflict in Rakhine, has been targeting civilian sites, including hospitals and markets, based on ethnic hatred.

The AA also announced plans to submit evidence of the junta’s mass killings of innocent civilians to international organizations.

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