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Son Of A Military Junta Sergeant Captured By The Ye Blue Group


On the morning of May 14th, in Mon State, Ye Township, Sonnantthar village, which is located along  the Ye-Thanbyuzayat road, the son of a military junta sergeant was arrested by the Ye Blue group.

It is reported that the Ye Blue group arrested the son while he was traveling in a passenger vehicle to conduct inspections of the Mawlamyine-Ye-Dawei No. (8) Union highway.  The group has taken control of the highway. 

The detainee is the son of a sergeant from 587th Battalion, based in Ye Township. According to the Ye Blue leader, he was detained to gather information and because he was in possession of military junta-related documents.

“We brought him in just because we wanted information. We are not as brutal as the military junta. We will conduct an investigation,” said the Ye Blue Group leader.

The detainee is 19 years old.  The Independent Mon News Agency is in the process of verifying if he is a member of the military junta.

Since taking control of the Mawlamyine-Ye-Dawei No. (8) Union Highway, the Ye Blue group has been monitoring the movement of military junta troops and engaging with the traveling public, according to the group’s leader.

Since March 31st, revolutionary forces have advised the public not to travel along  the No. (8) Union Highway after 6 p.m.,  and for vehicles to drive with their windows down during the day.

Since the military coup began on February 1, 2021, the Ye Blue group has frequently attacked military junta troops, police forces, People’s Militia, Administrators, and government offices in Ye Township.

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