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Mawlamyine’s Aye Thandar Hospital Closed for Employing CDM Doctors


Aye Thandar, a private specialist hospital in Mawlamyine Township, Mon State, has been temporarily closed for 3 months starting May 1 due to the employment of Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) doctors. according to sources close to the situation.

According to sources close to the situation, Aye Thandar Hospital has been temporarily closed by the State Department of Health on the direction of the state government, citing the employment of CDM doctors.

“The specialist doctors at Aye Thandar Hospital are from the military junta hospital. The hospital also has close ties to the army. It’s possible that the hospital is also employing CDM doctors, and this information may have leaked through that hospital,” said a source close to the hospital.

In the early days of the military coup, Aye Thandar Private Specialist Hospital was warned about their appointment of CDM doctors and health workers.

Aye Thandar is a private facility with around 100 staff members, providing treatment for various diseases, including surgery.
Other private hospitals and clinics in Mawlamyine Township are also undergoing scrutiny by the military junta’s state health ministry to determine if they have employed CDM personnel. Hospitals and clinics have been cautioned against hiring CDM employees.

Following the coup, the military junta conducted inspections to ascertain whether CDM doctors, nurses, and health workers were employed in private hospitals and clinics across the country, leading to the arrest and closure of some facilities for employing individuals believed to be part of the CDM.

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