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Number of Injured and Displaced People Increased Due to the Battle of Kawt Bein


In Kawt Bein village, Kawkareik township, Karen State, a shooting attack occurred until the afternoon of March 25th, with the number of injured and displaced people continuing to rise.

Until the afternoon of March 25th, three locals from Kawt Bein and one from Dhammasa were injured due to firing by the military junta on Kawt Bein and Kawt Pauk villages from warship No.301. They are currently receiving treatment.

Due to the ongoing shooting, the local residents of Kawtpauk, Dhammasa, Taranar and surrounding areas have fled to Khayar (Ahpyin) village outside of Kawt Bein village.

Currently, in Khayar (Ahpyin) village, preparations for accommodation are underway due to the increasing number of people fleeing the war, as reported by a person assisting the war refugees.

He added that most of the fleeing residents only wish to relocate to Mawlamyine township and other townships, and they are being escorted to their desired destinations.

As a result of the military junta displaying a white flag from the current Kawbein Police Station, the Revolutionary Joint Forces have gained control over the Kawt Bein area. The Revolutionary Joint Forces have announced their intention to continue their attack towards Taranar village, although this has not yet been confirmed.

The fighting began around 8:00 a.m. on March 24th when the joint revolutionary forces attacked the police station in the Kawt Bein area.

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