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HURFOM Released a Report Entitled “The Junta Wiped Us Out Again” Reflecting the Economic and Human Rights Situation in Southeast Myanmar


Since the February 2021 coup by the Burmese Army in the name of SAC (State Administrative Council – SAC), it has committed human rights abuses, created military conflict and conduct economic mismanagement, and therefore, the economic and social conditions of the ethnic people in the southeast of Burma/Myanmar are deteriorating like other people in entire country, according to the report titled “The Junta Wiped Us Out Again” published on October 26 by the Human Rights Foundation of Monland – HURFOM, which has about 80 pages.

The HURFOM’s report states that after the coup, the SAC’s security forces, soldiers and police alike, also committed widespread violence against unarmed and innocent civilians with a main purpose to stop all anti-coup movement. The report states that thousands of people from Mon State, Karen State, and Tanintharyi Regions were internally displaced due to these acts of terrorism.

Due to human rights violations and violence, people’s lives are no longer safe, and people’s social lives and livelihoods are also deteriorating, according to the report.

“As far as we know and gather information, the military council completely ignores people’s lives and livelihoods. The education system is destroyed and children’s opportunities to learn are lost. Due to the military’s mismanagement of the economy, the currency inflated and the market crashed. There are no employment opportunities,” said Nai Aue Mon, HURFOM Program Director.

The report took nearly a year to compile, based on face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, and reports from human rights researchers in the area, and was distributed in both English and Burmese languages. It has about 80 pages.

In the recommendations of the report that “as world leaders and diplomats, civil society organizations have repeatedly requested that they use their authority to protect the lives and homes of the people of Myanmar. There is an urgent need to respond with specific actions rather than words like ‘condemn and protest’.”

The report calls for the SAC military council to face the harshest punishment under international law.

The link of the report in English is:

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