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Mon Political and Armed Groups Strongly Condemned for the Kachin Independence Organization KIO Day Bombing


On October 24, the Mon State Interim Coordinating Committee (MSICC) announced that they strongly condemned the act of terrorism in which approximately 80 people were killed and many injured due to a bombing attack by a SAC military council jet while the 9th Brigade was holding a concert in the area of ​​Phakant Brigade on October 23, on the eve of the 62nd anniversary of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) on October 25.

In a statement, the bombing of the ethnic people by jets is a crime against humanity and a war crime that violates international human rights law, and the MSICC strongly condemns this act.

One of the leaders of the MSICC, National Unity Government’s Deputy Defense Minister Nai Kao Rot, told the independent Mon News Agency, “the action of this military council is an attack on the innocent people of our ethnic group. The military council has never followed the rules of international law. This is because the SAC terrorist war council is repeatedly committing war crimes. The world knows this. We urge the international tribunal to take action for this crime.”

The United Nations has urged the SAC military council air force officers, who committed the crime of aerial bombardment against the Kachin people to take action. Meanwhile, other political organizations such as the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), National Unity Government (NUG) and international governments also condemned the SAC military council’s terrorist act.

In addition, the Mon State Defense Force-South, which is newly formed Mon armed group announced that as long as there is a military dictatorship, the ethnic people will be in dire straits, so they are urged to fight against the military dictatorship together.

The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) was established in 1960 for the liberation of the Kachin people, national equality and the establishment of a federal union. In 1993, a truce was signed with the former SLORC Military Council, but in 2011, the truce was voided during the administration of President Thein Sein. In the 2021/2022 Spring Revolution, KIO has been the main organization that trained the Burmese Youth People’s Defense Forces and provided support for the armed revolution.

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