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Large seizure of illegal drugs takes place Mudon


A vehicle carrying illegal drugs was seized at a car repair shop on November 8 in Mudon town, in Mon State.  Two people were arrested and charged with possession of psychotropic drugs, said the Mon State Police Chief.

On November 8 in 2020, there was a report of a  vehicle carrying drugs passing through Mayanchaung village, Kyaikhto township, in Mon State. The Mon State Police united with the drug suppression force in Mawlamyine and investigated. A white PORTER (II) SUPPER vehicle was inspected at a car repair shop in Mudon.

β€œOn November 8, [we received a report of a vehicle carrying drugs} would be passing through Mayanchone village,  and we investigated. During investigation, at around 4:30 pm, a white vehicle with PORTER (II) SUPPER license number was found parking at a car repair shop in Mudon and [a large quantity of] drugs were seized,” said U Tin Tun, Police Chief for Mawlamyine township, in Mon State.

Inside the vehicle were Sai Tun Yin 28 years of age, and Sai Soe Win, 32 years old. The pair had been driving the vehicle, which was outfitted to carry the drugs hidden amidst other items, in a compartment on the roof of the vehicle. 

According to Thanbyuzayat (Voice of Thanbyuzayat) social media, the arrested drug traffickers said that the drugs were to be transported through Mudon to the Three Pagoda border in Karen State.

Police seized a large amount of psychotropic drugs (135 kg), and pills thought to be Ecstasy. In addition, other base ingredients needed to make illicit drugs, two laser stamps thought to be used for branding the drugs for sale, along with a wallet were confiscated. 

Sai Tun Yin and Sai Soe Win were arrested by Mawlamyine Police Station and charged under sections 16 (b) 19 (a) 20 (a) 21 of the Myanmar Criminal Code, for possession of psychotropic substances.

This arrest follows a similar arrest made on  October 8 in the New Mon State Party (NMSP controlled area of Kawkareik Township in Karen State.  Two KNU/ KNLA-PC members were arrested for distributing drugs near Min Ywar village. That incident involved gunfire from  both sides.

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