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Drug Reduction Campaign & Covid -19 prevention measures both underway in Ye Township


Drug trafficking has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In response the Mon Area Community Development Organization (MACDO), based in Ye Township, launched a three day anti-drug reduction campaign targeting young people. The group’s initiative  started  on October 6th. 

According to Mi Malar Mon (Mi Phyu), the MACDO Director, their objective was to take advantage of the epidemic to report on increases in drug trafficking.

“Due to the epidemic, we have about 20 people in this campaign. In collaboration with Mon youth in Phar Lain we distributed leaflets. We were active for three days, and reached four places — in Aung Ward (3) in Ye, Expensive, in front of ShweSandaw Pagoda and Anna War Ward,” she added. 

The campaign advising on prevention measures against  COVID-19 was launched at the same time, and 700 pamphlets were distributed. Government agencies in the city and police are participating.

However, there were critics of the drug awareness campaign.  

Nai Aung Zaw Moe (Nay Ah Jarai), a Aung Thu Kha shop owner, said, “It’s great to be active but it is not effective because the reader must read the pamphlet, and they are not serious. Last year we went to the countryside for training. Now, we cannot do that, due to COVID-19. If we make a video clip and show parents how drugs impact the children, it can be more effective  and promote greater awareness. [It is good the group] posts the campaign material on their Facebook page. I think there will be more people sharing.”

The MACDO anti-drug campaign involves more than 100 young people in Ye Township.  The group also does drug prevention training and offers seminars for young people.

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