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MUP prioritizes drug prevention advocacy for their elected representatives


The  Mon Unity Party (MUP) has set a policy for its representatives in the respective Hluttaws, to focus on promoting drug prevention, and is calling for their elected representatives to advocate for greater support from the Union Government and Regional/ State Governments.

Photo- MUP Joint Secretary (1) Nai Layeh Tama

“There are a growing number of youths addicted to drugs across Mon State. Therefore, in the 2020 election, all elected representatives should focus on drug prevention, said Nai Layeh Tama, Joint Secretary of MUP. He added,  “If we catch drug addicts, we should set up rehabilitation centers to change the psychological and behavioral aspects of punishment.” 

There are different ways of advancing  drug  abuse education programs, and activists working on this issue believe neither the government alone, or political parties are able to fully address the problems drug abuse is creating within communities.  

Organizations like the Mon Progressive Youth Progressive Organization (MYPO), Mon Youth Educator Organization (MYEO), and Human Rights Foundation of MonLand (HURFOM) have  collaborated with Mon civil society organizations to provide anti-drug activities and drug awareness education.

The NMSP is also on record for trying  to strengthen the government’s anti-drug policy and will cooperate with civil society organizations (CSOs) and scientists. In the NMSP controlled areas of Thaton District, and Mawlamyine District Headquarters efforts are being supported to  provide drug users with medical treatment.  Despite these efforts the number of drug addicts has been increasing every year.

“I am glad to see that the policy set by the Mon Unity Party has two chapters for youth, I think these issues are important,” said Nai Han Prik, Joint Secretary of the Mon Youth Progressive Organization.

According to Nai Han Prik, if the MUP points out the weakness of the current government’s drug prevention efforts, and  advocates for changes with parliamentary policy, drug addiction can be reduced.

The government’s anti-drug policies and programs have been criticized for being weak in the areas of treatment approaches, capacities of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, arrests, and for its financial and human resource allocations.

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