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Tender winners face charges if projects don’t reach standards


If companies winning Mon State Government tenders won’t provide services or products to a quality industry standard, then they will face certain charges, according to Minister U Wanna Kyaw, of Mon State Government’s Planning and Finance as well as Immigration and Population.

Companies winning tenders have to sign a contract with specific rules before they begin their projects. The rules cover the company’s responsibilities over the re-construction, and repairing, but not compensation if their projects or services do not meet standards. If they break the rules, they will face certain charges.

“We will charge the companies that received the tenders if their services do not meet the quality standard. They have signed contracts with precise rules before they started their projects. If they break their contractual obligation, they will have to face charges in accordance with the law,” said U Wanna Kyaw.

Road expansion failure at Kannar Lan as seawater floods the road (Photo:MNA)
Road expansion failure at Kannar Lan as seawater floods the road (Photo:MNA)
The companies will see their projects removed and face blacklisting if they transfer and change the contracts.

“Simply inspecting and monitoring is not good enough. A company that receives a tender may also build structures carelessly. Therefore, this is very important for the offering of the tenders to the company and the implementation of projects by the company,” said U Tun Min Aung, representative of Paung Township Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency (1).

The State Government’s Tender Selection Committee will inspect whether the companies winning the tenders have services that meet standards and are finishing their projects as scheduled.

“The companies won’t proceed if they do not see a profit. We hear it often. It’s not long after they built a school building, that the building is damaged. Recently, a company expanded a road at Kannar Lan [Strand Road], but days later, the road flooded. Clearly, it has not been kept to standard. Who will take responsibility for that? And, what will the government do? It is not enough to just say it will charge them, action is more important,” said a resident, of Mawlamyine, the capital of Mon State.

At the moment, Mon State Government is calling for tenders for the construction, education and electricity sectors.

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