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Baw Naw Ki Village-Track polling uncertainty


Reported by Aik Sai, Uncertainty looms regarding the locals in Baw Naw Ki Village Track, in Bilin Township, Mon

State’s ability to vote on November 8 for the 2015 elections since voter-lists have yet to be gathered, according to Mon State Election Sub-commission.

Baw Naw Ki Village-track is comprised of five villages, and it is under control of Karen National Union’s (KNU) brigade (5) and (1). As a result, the election commission was unable to gather voter-lists from the villages.

“We could not collect basic voter-lists in those villages as the villages are in the area under the control of KNU’s brigade 5 and 1. We could gather the voter-list in other areas. We could not gather in this village track, so we are not sure if the area will be available for polling. But it all depends on the decision of the Union Election Commission (UEC),” said U Hein Lin Htet, from Mon State Election Sub-commission.

According to the Mon State Election Sub-commission, there are 1,460,000 valid voters in Mon State for the 2015 elections.

“According to the voter-list announcement taken from September 14 to 27 about 1,460,000 people are valid to vote across Mon State. But now, there are some increases, and if the increases are included too, there will be 1,470,000 valid voters,” said U Hein Linn Htet.

Although Baw Kaw Ki Village-track is in the area under KNU brigade 5 and 1 control, so far no clash has erupted between the KNU and government troops.

Also, because respective election sub-commission groups were unable to gather voter-lists in more than 200 villages, in 40 village-tracks, in Kyarinnseikkyi Township, Karen State, the villagers from those villages won’t be able to vote.

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