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Banned products seized and incinerated in Ye Town

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Burning banned goods and cosmetics (Photo: AK)
Burning banned goods and cosmetics (Photo: AK)
Unlicensed, fake goods and cosmetics were burnt by Mon State’s
food and drug administration committee in collaboration with respective departments in Ye Township, on Wednesday morning [December 30].

The confiscation of the prohibited items took place by the aforementioned joint-authorities at Mya Thidar Market in Ye Town. Unannounced, the authorities inspected and seized products from market stores. The goods, worth 200,000 Kyat, were burnt in front of the Ye Township general administration department, health department, Myanmar Police Force and township civil development as well as media groups at the old Arbaw airport field.

“This is the first time that such things have been destroyed in Ye Township. What they scrutinize are the foods that are colored, whether the goods are licensed or not, and dangerous goods,” said Dr. May San Cho, the head of Ye Town’s Public Hospital.

Dr. May San Cho also said that the authorities only seized the goods to educate the public and they did not fine the store owners. These effective techniques would be used to show the public which goods are suitable to consume.

This is the first time the confiscation and destruction of the illegal goods and drugs has taken place in Ye Township. However, the authorities hadn’t provided any educational awareness around which goods are legal to sell. Therefore, store owners didn’t know which products were prohibited.

“The [authorities] did not do such a thing for many years for the benefit of the public and only begin to do it now.Those who are affected most are the sellers. It is extremely necessary to provide educational awareness of banned goods so that everyone knows such goods. By doing so, the sellers will become aware and when they consider the goods, they can then choose which goods they should order and sell,” said U Ko Yi Htay, an owner of retail store.

U Ko Yi Htay went on to say that authorities told the public that they only came to seize the goods that are banned and must be destroyed as announced by the state-run newspapers in August, 2015. However, the newspapers didn’t provide extensive details on this issue and not many people read the newspapers,
reducing the awareness.

According to a group of students’ parents, there are lots of goods that are not licensed and unknown. Thus, they urged authorities to inspect whether the goods are suitable to consume.

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