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Ataran Bridge (Chaungnakwa) Police Station, Kyaikmaraw Township Attacked Again


Another attack took place at the police check point located at the Ataran Bridge (Chaungnakwa), Kyaikmaraw Township, in Mon State in the early evening of June 14th. 

The fighting lasted for about ten minutes.

“They were shooting with each other for about ten minutes. I think the checkpoint was damaged, but  it is not confirmed,” said a local resident.

He added that troops from the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF) arrived in two vehicles after the shooting.

It is believed the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and joint forces attacked the police checkpoint.

The Ataran Bridge (Chaungnakwa) was temporarily closed and did not open again until  around 10 am the next day.

Last March, a police officer was killed and two others were injured in an attack on the Attaran Bridge checkpoint. In addition, on the morning of the last day of Thingyan, a guard posted near the bridge was shot at.

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