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MUP choses a path that does not cause bloodshed for the Mon People


According to the statement released by the First Party Central Committee at its recent conference, the Mon Unity Party (MUP) reiterated its  commitment to work within a legal framework to bring about change, and to promote solutions to political problems through dialogue.

The MUP  statement also said it would join forces with other ethnic parties and other pro-democracy parties to achieve a federal constitution that is in line with a federal democracy desired by ethnic nationalities.

The conference Chair, Dr. Naing Hla Aung, also a former Chair of the MUP , said, “there are only two ways to make political reforms. One way is by bloodshed, another way is within the legal framework without bloodshed. Today, we, the Mon Unity Party, have chosen a way that does not cause bloodshed among the people. In the past, our party was not able to make democratic choices, but now all party representatives are present and we are especially grateful now, for our democratic culture.”

He also welcomed  Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lavi Aung, as the newly elected Chair of the Mon Unity Party, who has extensive experience in both politics and armed insurgency.

“We are very happy that we have been able to elect a Chair with military experience, just as the 2008 Constitution requires us to have military experience,” said Dr Naing Hla Aung.

The conference also elected Naing Ta La Nyi, to the position of Vice Chair (1) and  Nai Chan Twe,   as Vice-Chair (2).  Twenty-seven other members of the Central Executive Committee were also  elected and approved.

The newly elected MUP Chair, Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung said, “We have always considered doing our national duty within the legal framework. Since I have been selected, I will have to work harder. But we can not do it alone. We have been elected by party members from various townships, especially from Myeik to Bago and Rangoon, — to achieve our party’s policies and procedures democratically. We will do our best to comply with the party’s policy guidelines to achieve the federal democratic rights they demand.”

He added, “Delegates from Kawthaung, Myeik to Yangon and Bago attended the conference and were pleased to recognize the Mon Unity Party, which stands for the people within the rule of law. We are very happy to see that the views of more than 400 party members today are the same as those of us who, like the Mon Solidarity Party, cast their ballots in good faith, with honesty and solidarity, regardless of sectarian affiliation.” 

Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung is a former Central Committee member who served in the New Mon State Party (NMSP) for more than 35 years before retiring  in 2008. He was also a  Lieutenant Commander of the Mon National Liberation Army (MNLA), and a veteran Commander of the NMSP. Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung studied at Yangon Veterinary University (1969-73) and was the Student Secretary with the Mon Literary and Cultural Association Universities-Yangon General Secretary. 

Divisions amongst Mon political parties led to electoral defeats in some townships in Mon State in the 2015 election.  However by 2019, the Mon National Party, and the All Mon Region Democracy Party, merged  to form the Mon Unity Party (MUP).

The Mon Unity Party then developed seven political policies , the first of which is to establish a federal union based on a nation-state that guarantees equality and self-determination through a nationwide ceasefire and internal peace.

However, internal divisions within the Mon political community  surfaced again, following the military coup in 2021, when MUP representatives opted to participate in the military juntas’ State Administrative Council (SAC).  This decision led to mass resignations of the party’s central executive and some central committee members .

The flag and emblem of the 100,000-strong Mon Unity Party is a  white star and saffron Ruddy Shelduck. The MUP is  headquartered in Mawlamyine, Mon State.

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