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“We always consider carrying out our national duty within the legal framework,” Interview with MUP Chair, Naing Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung


Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung was elected Chair of the first Central Congress of the Mon Unity Party (MUP) on March 20.

Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung is a former Central Committee member who served in the NMSP for more than 35 years before retiring  in 2008. He served as a  Lieutenant Commander of the Mon National Liberation Army (MNLA), and was a veteran Commander of the NMSP. Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung studied at Yangon Veterinary University (1969-73) and was the Student Secretary of the Mon Literary and Cultural Association Universities-Yangon General Secretary. 

The following is a summary of an interview between the MNA Editor  and Nai Myint Swe (b) Nai Lawi Aung

Question : What would you like to say about taking over the role of Chair of the Mon Unity Party (MUP)?

Answer  : We have always considered doing our national duty within the legal framework. Since I have been selected, I will have to work harder. But we can not do it alone. We have been elected by party members from various townships, especially from Myeik to Bago and Rangoon, — to achieve our party’s policies and procedures democratically. We will do our best to comply with the party’s policy guidelines to achieve the federal democratic rights they demand.

Question : What will be implemented after the conference?

Answer : When we hold the first EC meeting, we have to choose who will be in charge of youth affairs? Who will be in charge of women’s affairs, and who will be in charge of women’s education.   Also as mentioned in the Mon Unity Party bylaws, who will be the  head of the political department? No choices have been made yet. The Central Executive Committee will continue to share responsibilities and meetings. It has already been drawn up in the party bylaw process.

Question : What can you say about the lack of Mon politicians in the Mon Unity Party?

Answer: We do not all have the same views on politics or work. There may be differences of opinion, not just because individuals hold to their own views in politics. Many of our politicians may disagree with the broad consensus that decisions must represent everyone, and not just be a personal view.  There must be the democratic right to freedom of dissent.  However, many different opinions can weaken the party and impact the solidarity of Mon unity. 

We must persevere in politics and continue to fight for our views, so that one day we will  be united. We are not disappointed, we are tolerant of different opinions. We do not push anyone  to leave voluntarily. We do not force anyone to leave because of their differences. That is our sincere intention.

Question : How do you want to motivate the Mon people?

Answer : What I want to urge is for the Mon Unity Party to welcome the positions of delegates from Myeik, Kawthaung, Rangoon and Bago to the conference. We are happy to recognize the Mon Unity Party, which stands for the people within the legal framework. We are thrilled to see that more than 400 Mon Unity Party members shared their views and those of their respective constituencies.  I want to encourage everyone  to carry out our work honestly, regardless of sectarian affiliation.

Question : I would like to thank the Chair for taking the time, immediately following  the party conference to respond to our interview request.

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