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3 government workers injured in Kyaikmayaw Township bomb blast

By Loa Htaw: A bomb exploded in a government telecommunication center in Kyaikmayaw town, the largest city in Mon state’s Kyiakmayaw Township, at 11pm on April  27th.  According to a village chairman from the township, who asked to remain anonymous, 3 government workers at the center were wounded.

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SPDC balks as April 28th deadline passes

By Loa Htaw: New Mon State Party (NMSP) leaders informed IMNA today that the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) has opted to forgo its original April 28th deadline, the date on which the SPDC was expected to break its ceasefire agreements with all ethnic minority cease-fire groups who have …

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MNLA gears up for conflict

By IMNA: IMNA has received reports that New Mon State Party (NMSP) leaders at headquarters in Moulmein District, Tavoy District, and Thaton District are ordering retired Mon National Liberation Army soldiers in each district out of retirement, with the aim of bolstering the force’s numbers in preparation for a potential …

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IDP influx instigates Halochanee camp supply crisis

By Jaloon Htaw: According to administrators at Halochanee resettlement camp on the Thailand-Burma border, a recent influx of Mon internally displaced persons (IDPs), fleeing from the threat of conflict in southern Mon State’s Tavoy District, has stretched camp resources to the limit.

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Unofficial NMSP member censuses gathered across Mon State

By IMNA: IMNA’s reporters have learned that following the New Mon State Party’s (NMSP) refusal of the State Peace and Development Council’s (SPDC) “people’s militia” offer last week, members of the state-run Special Police have been calling upon village headmen across Mon State, collecting an unofficial list of NMSP members’ …

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Mon politicians proclaim support for NMSP’s decision

By Loa Htaw: Mon political groups informed IMNA today that they support the NMSP’s decision to reject the Burmese government’s demands that the party’s armed wing be transformed into a government-run “militia group”. The party announced its decision on April 22nd.

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Chaung-zone farmers left adrift

By Jaloon Htaw: Rice farmers from Dayal village, in Mon State’s Chaung-zone Township, are seething after an abortive attempt to repair eroding paddy lands has left them deprived of both farmland and funds.

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