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Mon State Hluttaw representatives to hold monthly public meetings

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Mon Hluttaw representatives will meet with media groups, civil society organizations and locals monthly to clarify Hluttaw projects to be implemented and the difficulties that they face.

Having meetings with the public once per month will offer transparency regarding the Hluttaw’s work, since recent criticism has surfaced about the Hluttaw and what was actually being done, according to Hluttaw representatives.

Mon State Hluttaw conference (Photo: Mon State Hluttaw)
Mon State Hluttaw conference (Photo: Mon State Hluttaw)

“We, the Hluttaw, will meet with the civil organizations once per month. Additionally, in between, we also welcome any questions from the public at any time” said Daw Tin Ei, Speaker of Mon State Hluttaw.

The respective Hluttaw representatives will meet the public to explain their particular activities for a better understanding regarding their elected representatives’ work. The media groups can also question and advise the Hluttaw as regularly as necessary, according to Dr. Aung Naing Oo, deputy speaker of the Mon State Hluttaw.

“Last month, the Mon State government group met with CSOs. We, the Hluttaw group, must also meet with media groups, CSOs and locals. Then, the public will know clearly about the Hluttaw’s programs,” said Dr. Aung Naing Oo.

Starting in March, 2016, the current Mon State Hluttaw has been active 8 months and the Hluttaw has had 3 regular conference sessions and one special conference. So far, they have submitted 17 proposals and discussed 62 questions.

Currently, the Mon State Hluttaw has 31 representatives, comprised of 20 representatives from Mon State’s 10 townships, 3 ethnic representatives, and 8 representatives of Tatmadaw [army].

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