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Crime ringleader Chan Dein killed by NMSP battalion during escape attempt

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Corpse of robbery leader Nai Chan Dein
Corpse of robbery leader Nai Chan Dein
Reported by IMNA – Larceny and abduction ringleader Chan Dein was seized and shot dead by Tavoy District, No. 2 battalion of the Mon National Liberation Army (MNLA), the armed wing of New Mon State Party (NMSP).

With his associates, Chan Dein was active in the southern part of Ye Township, Mon State and the northern part of Yebyu Township, Tenasserim Division, committing robbery and kidnapping.

On July 7, MNLA’s No. 2 battalion went to Kyol-taung camp, where Chan Dein’s group was based, about 7 miles away from the government’s Infantry Battalion No. 299 base, near Ko Mine Village. On that day, Chan Dein was arrested by the MNLA’s No. 2 battalion and was taken to NMSP headquarters. En route to NMSP’s headquarter, Chan Dein tried to escape, and as he was running away, he was shot dead.

“We heard news that Chan Dein’s men went back to Mam Aung village. We left from our place at 2 AM and got to the camp of Kyol-taung at dawn. We arrested Chan Dein while he was still asleep.,” said an official from the Tavoy District, the No. 2 battalion.

The official continued that, “handcuffed, Chan Dein was taken to the headquarters. Before dark, because our men were tired, we took a short break. At that moment, Chan Dein tried to escape and upon running away, he was shot. His head was shot and then fell onto stones. Right there, he was dead. It was around 6:00 PM.”

The official said that after Chan Dein was arrested, his men questioned the criminal and seized ten types of weapons (guns), ammunition, a mobile phone and other materials.

The corpse of Chan Dein was taken to Public Hospital, in Ye Town, on July 8, and an identity check was conducted, confirming that it was Chan Dein. According to what government officials have said, the body of Chan Dein was buried in the Ye Town cemetery.

Chan Dein, aged about 50, was a member of the NMSP before the NMSP signed it’s first ceasefire agreement with the government. In 2001, he joined the Hongsarwatoi Restoration Party (HRP), which splintered from the NMSP.

In 2003, he surrendered and returned to Tavoy District of the NMSP. However, soon after he broke away from the NMSP again.

Chan Dein then left the HRP [again], and then became known for his criminal activity. [With] His men, [he] committed abduction, robbery and commandeering, in areas of southern Ye Township, Mon State, and in northern Yebyu Township, Tenasserim Division.

In 2006, in his active areas, he killed more than 10 people, cutting their heads off, an execution that became his signature.

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