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State Hluttaw Urged to Allow Mon language alongside Burmese Language on Signboards

Reported by: > At last week’s Mon State Hluttaw (Parliament) session, members discussed the topic of including Mon language, along with Burmese language, on all government signage in Mon State, including signs of government hospitals, schools, and departments. The Hluttaw was urged to submit this request, according to Thanbyuzayat Township State Hluttaw Representative Nai Oo.

On the first day of the Mon State Hluttaw’s three-day 10th regular session, Nai Oo proposed the use of Mon language, along with Burmese language, on all signs or signboards of government buildings in Mon State, citing that the use of both languages will improve unity between ethnic nationalities.

“The Union government has allowed this, [but] because the majority [of people] do not know this, they are afraid to include Mon languages on the signboards of schools and hospitals. The reason why they are afraid is because the township administration office has threatened not to [include] Mon language. That is why I brought up this question at the Hluttaw; to make it an official procedure,” said Nai Oo (aka. Nai Tala Chan).

Several other topics were submitted on the first day of the Mon Stat Hluttaw’s conference, including discussion surrounding written laws and the drafting of bills.

“Article 22 of the Constitution states that the Union [government] should help maintain ethnic languages and culture as much as it can, for ethnic unity. Some [people] want to write their own ethnic language alongside Burmese language in their region. In our area, because we wrote like that [in both languages], the township and general administrator did not allow this and caused some problems,” said Chaungzone Township State Hluttaw Representative Dr. Aung Naing Oo.

When locals urged that the name of the Thanbyuzayat Township General Administration Office, Bayin Naung Hall, be replaced with the name of a Mon king or hero, because the majority population is Mon, and it is Mon State, it was rejected, according to Nai Oo.

Mon State Hluttaw was founded after Burma’s 2010 general elections. The First Mon State Hluttaw’s 10th regular session was held over three days in the first week of December.

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