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Burma’s elections and ASEAN responses

After the Burmese military regime’s announcement that it will hold elections in early November 2010, there have been different responses from ASEAN countries. Some countries support the elections, while some urged the regime to allow participation from all parties and to hold free and fair elections.

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The Constitutional Crisis in Burma and the Upcoming Elections

Burma’s protracted problems are not totally due the fight for democratization. They are also due in part to constitutional crisis, because the recent 2008 Constitution sparked conflicts between Burma’s central government – currently the SPDC, and perhaps after the upcoming elections, the USDP – and the country’s ethnic oppositions groups, …

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Protracted problems following the 2010 elections

Thousands of political prisoners, especially pro-democracy activists and ethnic-minority political activists, are still in prisons in Burma.  The ethnic minority armed groups have consistently refused to accept the proposal of the military regime in Burma, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC),  to transform their armed forces into government-controlled Border …

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SPDC’s Constitution and a New Explosion of Political Conflict

Not surprisingly the Burmese military regime’s State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) announced that over 92% of voters said ‘yes’ to the creation of the militarized constitution in May 2008, even while the whole southwestern portion of Burma had been hit by Cyclone Nargis. Before the constitution was confirmed, the …

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