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Shortage of Medicine in Tanintharyi Refugee Camp Due to Restrictions


The Tanintharyi Region, particularly Tanintharyi Township, is experiencing a severe shortage of malaria medicine in its IDP camps due to military junta imposed restrictions on medical supplies, according to relief and healthcare workers.

Between April and May, the number of refugees in the Tanintharyi IDP camp has increased, leading to a surge in malaria cases. The camp currently lacks sufficient malaria testing equipment, medicine, and trained volunteers to treat yellow fever, reports a representative from the Spring Love IDP Relief and Rescue Group.

“Malaria is prevalent in Tanintharyi, and it has become widespread in the temporary evacuation camps this month. We are running out of medicine in the blockaded areas, and we face a shortage of anti-tuberculosis supplies. Last year’s medicine stock was insufficient. We are forced to remain in the village of the permanent anti-tuberculosis camp as the treatment team has not visited the evacuation camp,” she stated.

The representative further expressed concern that treatment for villagers and evacuees relies solely on the remaining collected medicines, posing a risk for emergency patients.

“We do not dare to go to the city to purchase medicine, and patients from the village are also afraid to seek treatment there. Taku and Tharabon villages have been designated as black zones. Those who attempt to buy medicine are arrested, making it impossible to obtain necessary supplies. In some cases, expired medicines have to be used, and patients are treated with whatever large quantities of medicine are available,” she explained.

Local media reports indicate that as of last May, 35 people in the eastern village of Tanintharyi and 11 people in the southern village have been diagnosed with PV.

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