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Man Injured by Mawkanin Artillery Fire


According to local residents, a man sustained injuries while tending to a farm, as the 317th artillery launched a mortar shell targeting Mawkanin village, situated in northern Ye Township, Mon State.

The incident occurred on May 11th, at approximately at 4:30 p.m. 56-year-old U San Tun, was struck by shrapnel upon the explosion. 

“He was near the camp, working on the fence when the shell hit. It struck my shoulder and back, with a particularly deep wound on his back. Although there were two workers present, he was the only one injured,” said, another resident of the village. 

Locals speculate that the military junta ordered the mortar shell strike in response to intelligence suggesting an imminent attack by the joint revolutionary forces targeting the 317th Artillery Battalion.

Following the incident, U San Tun was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention and is currently undergoing treatment.

The 317th Battalion of the Military Council Artillery has frequently launched mortar shells that strike residential areas, resulting in casualties.

This is not an isolated event,  on March 27th, another resident from a nearby hill village was injured by a mortar shell fired by the Mawkanin Artillery.

Residents report that the ongoing conflict has disrupted normalcy in the northern part of Ye Township, leading to the suspension of operations in rubber plantations due to continued shelling and crossfire from both sides.

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