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Refugee Camps Facing Urgent Need for Drinking Water and Healthcare


According to individuals assisting refugees, the demand for drinking water has surged due to high temperatures and drought in the Gyaing River area along the Mon-Karen border, where Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) reside, and in the Mawlamyine IDP camp.

Chaungzon Township has been experiencing drought conditions for more than two weeks, and although Mawlamyine Township has been supplying drinking water to evacuees, it is constrained by the soaring gasoline prices.

“The primary necessity is drinking water. It is a difficult, hard task and the water becomes contaminated. However, the usual delivery point is no longer operational. Water purchased from nearby villages costs only 1,500 kyats per tank, so it’s procured and delivered from there. While fetching water from Mawlamyine incurs a gasoline expense of 35,000 kyats, it’s so expensive,” stated a relief worker who fled the conflict in Chaungzon Township.

He expressed concerns about the potential for a rise in cases of diarrhea and dehydration due to inadequate water consumption.

“With this temperature, children and the elderly require healthcare. Previously, teachers used to visit in groups to provide health services, but they are now hesitant. If needed, healthcare is provided upon request. Both chronic medications and medical expenses are covered by the group assisting those fleeing conflict,” mentioned an individual aiding rescue efforts in the war-affected region.

A youth charity group that traditionally distributed water every summer is suspending its activities due to the current political situation, resulting in fewer organizations donating water this year.

Following the arrest of Dr. Aung Naing Oo, who was involved in charitable work for refugees, the number of individuals providing healthcare for refugees has decreased.

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