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NMSP-AD to Stand Firm with Revolutionary Forces Until Overthrow of Military Dictatorship


On the 77th Mon National Day today, the New Mon State Party (Anti-Military Dictatorship) declared its commitment to collaborate with other armed ethnic resistance organizations and Spring Revolution groups in the fight against the military dictatorship until its downfall.

NMSP-AD emphasized that the sole path to safeguarding the people and achieving the national equality and full self-determination they desire is to dismantle the military junta and dictatorship that forcefully seized power in the country.

NMSP-AD also added that they remain steadfast in their chosen path, expressing trust in both local and foreign Mon communities, and affirming their commitment to armed struggle.

Therefore, NMSP-AD urges the Mon people to join hands with the New Mon State Party  (Anti-Military Dictatorship) with perseverance and unity in order to quickly reach the goal.

At present, due to the military junta’s promulgation of conscription, the number of young people fleeing to foreign countries is increasing, depriving them of any prospects for the future.

In 2012, some top leaders of the New Mon State Party, who could not accept the decision of the 11th Party Conference to stand by the Bilateral Ceasefire Agreement and deal with the military junta, broke away and announced on February 14 that they would attack the military junta together with the revolutionary forces under the name of New Mon State Party (Anti-military Dictatorship).

According to the current situation, the National Unity Government (NUG) and NMSP-AD have agreed to cooperate as strong allies after a meeting on February 22.

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