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NRFF’s 8-Day Campaign Before Mon National Day


To welcome the 77th Mon National Day, the New Rehmonnya Federated Force (NRFF) is campaigning with the slogan “Freedom is obtainable only through revolution” from February 19 to 26.

According to Nai Panyar Mehm, who is in charge of the New Rehmonnya Federated Force, the objective of this campaign is to terminate the celebration of Mon National Day under the military dictatorship and instead commemorate a liberated and dignified Mon National Day.

“When Mon National Day arrives, we usually reminisce about the past history, culture, and political traditions of the Mon people. On the other hand, we are conducting this campaign during Mon National Day to awaken the unfinished tasks of national liberation,” he said.

He added that currently, most of the youth in the country are engaged in revolutionary affairs organizations, political organizations, and local youth initiatives.

NRFF announced that In the campaign plan, you can take a picture holding the slogan “Freedom is obtainable only through revolution” or you can take a picture with the slogan on a Monlon cotton T-shirt.

Nai Panyar Mehm added that the NRFF will continue to carry out political agitation campaigns on special days related to the Mon people.

“We are not just an armed revolution, but this kind of campaign and political agitation is also effective. We are going to cooperate with the revolutionary alliance groups and work together with them on these special days in the future,” he said.

The New Rehmonnya Federated Force (NRFF) has been actively involved in political activities during the 3-year period of the coup and will continue to fight until they achieve the right to freedom and self-determination.

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