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Household Lists Being Checked in Several Townships of Mon State


According to the residents in Thanbyuzayat Township and Mudon Township, Mon State, that household list checks are being conducted door-to-door, ostensibly for tax-related purposes.

Since mid-February of last year, officials from the Immigration Office and the ward village administration have been conducting checks on the population, occupation, and assets listed in the household registry, according to a resident of Mudon.

“The main thing is how many people are in your house, how many are abroad and students, and so on. This kind of inspection also means that things that have not yet been included in the tax list to be included in the list to be asked to pay taxes,” he said.

In addition to this, Thanbyuzayat township is also being registered, and people are urged not to be evasive regarding the issue of population census.

He said, “To stay in your neighborhood and not to avoid them, even though they haven’t come to your house yet, they have to come and check.”

They also express concern that the comprehensive household registry is being compiled following the enactment of the Militia Conscription Law, which is unsettling for the neighborhood residents.

According to passengers, not only household list checks are currently being conducted at home, but household list requests have also increased at military junta checkpoints.

All townships in Mon State are supposed to collect household population census, but currently only Thanpyuzayat and Mudon townships are collecting it.

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