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Over 600,000 meth tablets seized in Mawlamyine


According to the Mawlamyine town police, more than 600,000 tablets of meth were seized from two vehicles last Saturday on the Strand Road, in Mawlamyine.  

The seizure took place when the police inspected the two vehicles in the morning of January 23, along the Strand Road. 

The Deputy Chief of Police Nyut Hlaing of Mawlamyine Police Station.said, “…the State Level [Police] Force conducted the inspection and made the seizure of the drugs. More than 600,000 pills of drugs are confiscated from 3 men and one woman, along with two vehicles. This case is now before the courts.” 

Aung Tun Win (ka) Thar Kaw (40), who lives in Taunggyi Town, was driving a HILUX SURF.  Ar Min (28) , and Aung Win ( 21) from Lashio Town were also in the vehicle. Ma Soe Soe Khine (36) from Ye Town, drove the second vehicle, a TOYOTA HILUX VIGO. 

604,500 illegal pills were seized and all four have been arrested and charged  under section 19(K)/20(K)21 of the Criminal Procedure Code MY(P)3/2021. 

The arrest took place  near the car dealership, at the corner of Sit Kae Khong road and involved the State Narcotic Squad. 

Ko Myint Soe, a Mawlamyine resident, said, “The state police caught them in time and it’s good for the State. We’re happy. If they were not arrested in time, the drugs would  be spreading in the State.”

There have been a number of drug-related arrests and seizures recently.  More than 100,000 meth pills, along with 3 guns were seized from 7 people in two vehicles in Mimeinkanien Village, Mudon Township, on December 28. 

On January 1, 2021, 100,000 illegal pills were confiscated from 4 people driving two vehicles on MyoShaung road, Mawlamyine.

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