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Salt Fields Destroyed for the Third Time due to Heavy Rains


Mon State experienced heavy rains from the morning of March 21st to the 23rd, damaging the salt fields of area farmers.

U Kyaw Thu, a salt farmer, said that in January and February, unseasonal rains caused the destruction of thousands of pounds of salt.

“This year was not good at all. It rained in January, February and also March,  and it has rained three times now. So it is not convenient to work with anything, ” he  lamented.

Salt farmers have endured heavy losses. Some farmers are now facing financial difficulties to rebuild their fields. Losses will be high and yield will be significantly reduced. 

U Kyaw Thu added the salt fields were damaged by heavy rains in February and the earlier repairs to fields suffered from yet  more damaging rains, resulting in the destruction of the salt harvest.  

One salt farmer from Thanbyuzayat  Township, said, “I lost a lot. I lost hundreds of thousands.”

February and March are the two months for salt to be harvested, but heavy rains can delay or destroy the industry. 

In Mon State, salt is harvested  in Ye Township, Thanbyuzayat and Paung Townships.

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