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Gunfire Erupts in Kyainseikgyi Township


Gunfire and artillery shelling erupted in Kyainseikgyi, Kayin State, starting at around 9 am on March 14th.

Homes were shaken by the artillery shelling, and one person was hit by a bullet, according to a local who witnessed the incident.  The individual was taken to hospital. The shooting took place at Battalion 32 near Myoma Market in Kyainseikgyi Township. 

“The artillery shelling at the top of Ward 3 on Shwe War Road is still going on. The shop was not even confiscated. The houses were shaken and a person on the street was also hit,” reported the witness to the shooting.

The Tatmadaw (Myanmar Military) was firing heavy artillery shells from the strategic hill of Kyainseikgyi Township, at an unknown target.

Fighting has intensified in Karen State involving the Tatmadaw, the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Joint Defense Force (PDF).

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