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NMSP Chair, Nai Shwe Kyin’s memorial service held in Mawlamyine


The Nai Shwe Kyin Foundation held a memorial service on the 19th anniversary of the death of New Mon State Party (NMSP) Chair, Nai Shwe Kyin.  The event took place  at Zawtikarama School in Mawlamyine on March 7th.

The memorial service was attended by NMSP Central Executive Committee Internal Affairs Officer, Nai Banyar Lay, plus other NMSP party officials, as well as representatives from the Nai Shwe Kyin Foundation.  Students and children of Nai Shwe Kyin and his former comrades were also in attendance. 

Dr. Naing Tin Hla, Chair of the Nai Shwe Kyin Foundation, said, “our Chair (Nai Shwe Kyin) made the right choice in terms of pursuing a ceasefire and peace. This is the way to make peace. Most of the ethnic armed groups are still working on a ceasefire. It is beneficial for both the nation and the party. We still have the grace of the Chair.”

Dr. Naing Tin Hla, a former NMSP Colonel Nai Lawi Aung and Sayadaw Sandaw Bhasa of the Rama Dhammasarya group also offered their comments at the memorial service.

Former Colonel Nai Lawi Aung said, “When you do politics, do not cause trouble to the people. If there is an election, do public mobilization. The Chair (Nai Shwe Kyin) has told us not to ask for help from the people.”

On March 30, 2014, the children of Nai Shwe Kyin set up a foundation to carry out social development work that would help achieve the goals of the former NMSP Chair.

Nai Shwe Kyin was a native of Kato Kaw Nap village in Mawlamyine Township and his childhood name was Maung Ba Lwin. He served as the founder and Chair of the NMSP beginning on July 20, 1958.  He died March 3, 2003 at the age of 93 at his home in M‌awlamyine.

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