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Three culprits rob teacher on Sabalguu old Road, Kyaikmaraw township, now arrested for her subsequent death


Mawlamyine District Police Chief confirmed to the Mon News Agency that three individuals who stole a  motorcycle and which resulted in the death of a teacher on the Sabalguu (Jasmine Cave) old Road, Kyaikmaraw Township, last July, have now been arrested.

“According to the culprits, they stopped the teacher’s motorcycle on the bridge. When the teacher tried to escape, the teacher fell into the stream. When she fell into the Malkala creek, the teacher did not surface from the water. The culprits  said they then took the motorcycle,” said Mawlamyine District Deputy Police Chief Soe Aung.

The deceased teacher’s jewelry was also missing.

Pwint Thazin Oo,  a 26 years old teacher living in Mudon Gyi ward, Mudon Township, was riding her motorcycle alone to the school in Ankaye Village, Kyaikmaraw Township, on July 8, at noon.  

“Near the Malkala Bridge, we found a basket and food carrier used by teachers on the bridge. So our teams started searching. She was found dead near the Makala Bridge at around 8 am the next morning,” said an official from the Kyaikmaraw Youth Charity.

Zaw Min Soe (ka) Aswe, 27 years old, Thet Htoo (ka) Angal Lay, 35 years old, Soe Ko Oo, 28 years old, a resident of Zeyar Thiri Ward, Mawlamyine township, were arrested by the Mawlamyine District Police.  The three individuals have been charged with robbery, and pre-meditated murder. 

“We had been investigating who sold and bought the stolen motorcycle. We learned that after it was stolen it was bought by a man on the outskirts of Hpa-an, Karen State. When the police and our team went to investigate, we were able to determine it was the same motorcycle that the teacher was riding. From there, we were able to track down who bought it in Mottama township, ” the police chief explained.

Aswe and Angal Lay were arrested on August 4 at the Zeyar Thiri police station in connection with a drug case.  When interrogated they confessed to the robbery of the motorcycle which resulted in the death of the school teacher.

This is the first case for Mawlamyine District Police that has resulted in arrests since the military coup began on February 1 of this year. 

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