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people view on NC
Mon 09 Oct 2006, Nai Ra Vi Ka

IMNA; If the government concludes the National Convention this year, how will it benefit the people?

RaViKa; I’m surprised by your question. I’ve never thought it’s a National Convention. It’s just a place where a group of incompetent handpicked representatives are chatting about their boss’s dream and reading what a parrot said. It isn’t participated by all of the elected representatives and all of the ethnic groups. So its outcome won’t be in the basis of the eternal principle of justice, liberty and equality either. If so, it won’t be in the service of the people too. Since then, it’s out of the question whether it will benefit the people.

IMNA; What is your opinion on the ethnic cease-fire groups’ decision to attend the NC?

RaViKa; The military government says the genuine democracy and federalism are unpopular with and alien to its people so they have to practice the disciplined or scientific democracy, a democratic system which isn’t found in the Dictionary of Politics. I think this isn’t much different from or maybe worse than the Myanmar Socialist Program adopted by the Ne Win’s government in the mid 1970s which had run the country to the low developed one at the end of the 1980s.
The military government also points out that in the Athenian democracy itself only the less than quarter of its adult people had right to participate in the political decisions and that even in the American democratic style the black couldn’t vote until the 1965. Its theme is that it’s just for them to monopolize the power by taking the free 25% of cabinet seats, like Athenian style, in every part of administrative bodies as included in the new constitution for, according to the generals, the Burmese democracy is being a toddler only.

Attending the NC, I think, these cease-fire arms groups are digging their own grave by themselves _ politically and militarily. The SPDC has never honored these groups since they came to the cease-fire conclusion without a tripartite dialogue as claimed by themselves and the UN. Beside this, the equality among these groups has since ever controverted. What the SPDC is doing at the so-called NC is the same, I think. It won’t show any sympathy to be developed between the majority Burmese and the minority ethnic groups.

I’m predicting here that after the conclusion of the NC, all cease-fire groups have to surrender their arms if they have no choice or if they have to recognize the New Constitution which gives a favor of free 25% cabinet seats to the military service men. These groups will have to tread ashes into the carpet of politics by joining the bogus election. And I’m quite sure they’ll meet their counterparts at the last step of the seven Road-maps where the ex-military men are waiting for them easily in their respective chairs with a hammer of justice to step them down after the match. The SPDC is playing its trump but those groups couldn’t follow suit. So what they may expect is the worst that will wipe out their descendents from the map of Burma.

IMNA; What do you think of the New Mon State Party’s decision to attend the NC as observers?

RaViKa; Here, we have two options to focus on the New Mon State Party’s decision _ tactically and strategically. First, the NMSP has reached a cease-fire agreement with the SPDC since 1995 and has attended the NC, bringing to the NC a draft of the Constitution of the Rahmonya Mon State which was adopted by the first Mon National Affairs Conference. What the representatives of the NMSP discussed in the session was ignored and consequently they decided not to join the next NC in the full scale but sent three observers only. The NMSP will keep sending three observers to the NC to be held on the 15th of this month. It is a ringing bell for the SPDC that the NMSP will oppose to all whatever doesn’t constitute a full sovereign Mon State and will not compromise with any condition under any pressure. It’s apparently sure that the NMSP won’t sign any peace pact with the SPDC if their needs are not sufficiently fulfilled. It’s tactically right.

The last is its strategy. The NMSP strategy is to build up a Federal Union which includes a Mon State in. Despite the sending of three observers to the NC, NMSP welcomes the UNSC to list Burma in its agenda while other cease-fire groups such as DKBA are opposing the result. Tactically, The NMSP is right to join the Burmese military government’s NC by sending its observers to avoid the collective action problem with SPDC and other cease-fire groups. Still, it is strategically right for the NMSP to support the UN Security Council’s decision since there’s no political solution within the 11 years of its cease-fire. The SPDC has failed to prove any political progress. Since the SPDC couldn’t solve the political crisis, the UNSC should be warmly welcome to Burma. So I see the NMSP isn’t playing the game of politics with dewy eyes. They know how to touch down. It’s perfect!

IMNA; If the NMSP withdraws from the NC, how will it affect the convention and the NMSP?

RaViKa; My question is why? Why does the NMSP need to withdraw from the NC? Do you know NMSP is not KNU? It isn’t DKBA too. There’s neither NMSP only that attends the NC nor NMSP only that supports the UNSC. If, say, the NMSP leaves the NC, there’s, I think, no difference. I don’t see any affection to both sides either. Even the NLD couldn’t move this rock. What’s the NMSP? The NC has no support from the people, perhaps, from the world. Since it was born, it has no leg to walk but it goes with its extent. Compare the NC to a snake of Satan. Satan has no leg but power to run and deceive people.  To stop its running, how can we take off its leg since it has no leg? To make its running go fast, we can’t fix a leg with its body too. So we need to put it on the sand or nylon to create a disturbance to it and we need someone’s help to take out its power if God or the UNSC really exists.

IMNA; What do you want to tell the UN Security Council and the international community concerning the NC?

RaViKa; This is to assure the SPDC dictatorship only. It isn’t only for the cleansing of the ethnicity but also to threaten its neighbors. After its close pal, Thaksin, has gone, it is the next. We shall stop it in time. If we fail, its side-affects are unpredictable. It will run an arm competition across the region by its nuclear program that will threaten the world security. I know it’s not easy but it can be done.

Prevention is better than cure. We need a political change in Burma to prevent the country looming into the flames of the Tophet. But it’s not as if we are waiting for them to change. We have to do something. We need support from international community.

The cease-fire ethnic groups and the NLD are at the jaw of defeat. People are helpless and hopeless. So, let me hire the SPDC tone, come and save Myanmar, UNSC. Please bring it into the international community. Give us your mercy, Russian Federation and China PR. Please don’t bet on the wrong horse basing on their pragmatism.

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